Corporate Partnerships

Great leaders invest in their people.

That’s why some of Pittsburgh’s top companies have partnered with Robert Morris University to deliver highly customized training and leadership development steeped in their culture and tailored to their goals.

Our team works with your organization to find the ideal content and delivery model to develop employee skills and help your organization meet its strategic goals. Each program leverages RMU's nationally recognized excellence in business, education, IT, engineering, communications, and healthcare.  From fully custom engagements to more traditional business education programs, our multidisciplinary team of experts can help to develop skilled leaders, launch key business initiatives, and transform your organization

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Hear from some of the most recognizable brands in our region how a partnership with RMU, and our highly customized, consultative approach is making an impact in their organizations.

企鹅 吃N”公园 考伯斯


Building a culture of winning both on and off the ice is the primary goal of the 匹兹堡企鹅. RMU has teamed up with the 企鹅 to offer custom-tailored workshops to small groups of employees throughout the organization to develop their leadership potential. Three cohorts have already completed the training program, ranging from new employees to senior executives.

I've seen a lot of organizations that use that cliché phrase, “What if we invest in our people and they leave?” Well, what if you don't invest in them 和y stay?

Terry Kalna, Sr. VP, Sales and Broadcasting, 匹兹堡企鹅


RMU has worked with Eat’n Park to build a 10-week online course for a select group of motivated employees and aspiring managers at several restaurant locations. RMU faculty developed and taught specialized classes on customer relationships and service quality. The program is part of the Aspen Institute’s “Reimagine Retail,” a nationwide program to improve job quality and career advancement opportunities.

Having those growth opportunities as people continue to develop really allows us to retain great talent.

Erin Stoughton, Director, Guest Engagement and Insight, Eat’n Park


When Koppers wanted to freshen up their in-house leadership training, they asked several providers for help. Ultimately they chose RMU for its customized programs and attention to detail. Sessions at 考伯斯 headquarters and on campus are both planned to suit the requirements of each individual cohort while reflecting the client’s unique corporate culture.

We chose Robert Morris because they were willing to tailor a program to our specific needs. As opposed to providing an off-the-shelf program and saying ‘Here’s what we do. How does this work for you?’

Leroy Ball, CEO, 考伯斯


RMU partners with many corporations to make additional education more accessible to their employees by providing tuition discounts, opportunities to have their existing work experience and training evaluated for college credit, and more.

This program enhances our existing tuition reimbursement investments, reinforces our commitment to lifelong learning, and helps our team members achieve their educational goals.

Henry J. Maier, President and CEO, FedEx Ground


This session will introduce opportunities for formative assessment that exist in most online LMS platforms.

This session will look at how to effectively design and implement online exams. Discussion will also focus on online exam and security options.

This interactive workshop with cover strategies for adapting lessons and making instruction accessible in order to meet the needs of students with disabilities in an online environment.


Corporate Involvement

RMU welcomes corporate leaders who are eager to collaborate with RMU and share their industry experience with our students. Corporate partners serve on advisory boards, act as guest lecturers, mentor our students, and look to us for innovative ideas.


RMU also offers opportunities for your employees to engage with their community by serving worthy nonprofit organizations throughout region through the RMU Covestro Center for Community Engagement 和 Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management.

Recruit RMU 学生们

From interns to undergrads to MBAs, RMU provides Western Pennsylvania with some of the most well-prepared and hardest-working students in the region. Our students are ready. Put them to work for you. 学到更多.


RMU couldn't be the valuable regional resource it is without the continual generosity of our corporate partners. It's through their support that we are able to continue our mission to be the gateway to engaged, productive, and successful careers and lives. 学到更多.


Dr. Derya Jacobs works closely with organizations to underst和ir challenges, opportunities, and needs for workforce development.

The former dean of the RMU 商学院 and a professor of operations research, she has built a strong record of channeling academic expertise in management and leadership into practical and flexible educational and other partnerships with regional employers.


Derya A. Jacobs, Ph.D.

Derya Jacobs

Derya A. Jacobs, Ph.D.
Sr. Vice President for Corporate
Relations and Strategic Initiatives

Patrick J. Litzinger, Ph.D.

Patrick J. Litzinger, Ph.D.
Director, Corporate Programs and Continuing Education

Tina M. Gitelman, M.S.

Tina M. Gitelman, M.S.
Assistant Director, Corporate Programs and Continuing Education

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